A Quick and Simple Guide to Filming Remotely

Communication is critical during these social distanced times. With this in mind we have updated our 2016 “Guide on Filming with an iPhone” to include simple tips and tricks for capturing the best content while working remotely. The tips apply to whether you’re filming yourself, someone else or recording via Zoom or other conference call facilities.

  1. Choose a bright room with natural light for your filming location.
  2. Audio quality can be improved by using a small room with soft furnishings (carpet, curtains etc).
  3. Make sure your camera is at eye level and lock it off (use a tripod, desk or book etc). Do not film handheld.
  4. Face the window or your brightest light source and check your background. Clean simple backgrounds are usually best. Do not film towards the window.
  5. Film landscape. Ideally your eye line should be just above the centre of the frame. Do not film portrait.
  6. Give yourself a little head room, an inch or two between the top of the frame and your head.
  7. Make sure you are in focus by tapping the screen (on a phone).
  8. Do not stop and start. Film everything in one take.
  9. Speak slowly, loudly and clearly. Don’t shout!
  10. Back up your footage. Send it as an email to yourself or use WeTransfer for larger files.
  11. Turn the phone onto airplane mode to increase battery life and prevent calls from interrupting you whilst filming.

If you’re interested in producing content during lockdown, please get in touch.

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